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Military, Civilian, Rotary Wing, Weapon Systems, Air Traffic Control, PC Based training, Support Tools, FAA Certification, MATLAB/Simulink Modeling

Programs and Products

The Oliveira Group has been a part of the Orion CEV, F-35, F-18, F-15, F-16, A-10, V-22, A-6, E-2, C-2, SH-3, CH-46, CH-47, IDF, S-70, S-92, C-130, H-60, SLAM-ER, T-1, BAe-146, J-31, BE-20 and NLOS

Embedded Avionics

Operational Flight Program, Bootstrap, Download, Network Interface, Device Drivers, Interrupt Handlers, Processor Configuration, Board Support Package and Operating System hosting, SEAL 1, DO-178B, Manned Spaceflight

Subcontract Partner

The Oliveira Group is a WBE/MBE/SBE business partner providing aerospace and defense contractors with superior performance while meeting their set-aside requirements.

Custom Software

Software solutions for unique applications, Gyrocam control software, Test Equipment, GUI Development, Hardware Control Systems

Government Sales

Reseller and supplier to US Government agencies

Flight Test

Develop flight test data acquisition software, Design flight test hardware, Perform flight testing (GA singles, multi and turboprop - embedded avionics, GPS, INS, and sensor testing)